Provide The Active Gear.

Established in Bandung, Indonesia in 2013. As an important part of Migraph which requires a special sector in the development of sportswear.

Provide comfort and high confidence in your every activity. Starting from regular exercise, running, exploring, traveling. Tactico – Active Gear will always give the best.

At the beginning of its formation, Tactico also fully supported sports and activities of the Indonesian Military, not least because of our pride in the Indonesian Military, Tactico always provides quality materials that are comfortable to wear and the best graphics.

  • 2013

    Initially formed as part of the development of sportswear at Migraph Indonesia.

  • 2015

    Fully support the various needs and activities of the Indonesian armed forces. Starting from sports uniforms to sportwear used in their special activities.

  • 2016

    Began to produce and sell sportswear in general, to be widely used, both by athletes, sportsmen and the wider community.